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Do you like tickling people off their shoes and have fun laughing your breath away?! Well, here is your only chance! We conspired in our workshop and crafted a magical tickle button just for you! Not only that! We let you tickle Santa! Ho! Ho! Ho! He’s got a stressful and demanding job so why not give him a really good laugh?
What you need:
A finger for the button;
A quick finger to catch the snowflakes running gently across the screen;
A really good sofa or something to sit on or you will fall over laughing! Climbing gear may solve this issue but don’t bet on it! Laughing is very powerful!
The Tickle Button is magical so it requires snowflakes to run! Catch as many snowflakes as you can or Santa will stop laughing!
Tickle Santa will not make Santa forget where you live! But it won’t make him give you more presents neither! So be nice and joyful to everyone!   Ho! Ho! Ho!


A tickle button
Tickle meter for Santa’s laughter;
Snowflakes meter;
Gesture based gameplay; requires round selection of the snowflake instead of simple tap;
4 poses for Santa to show his mood (serious, giggling, laughing, hysterical laughing); Crazy sounding laughing track!
Beautiful graphics;

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