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  SkyGamblers: Rise Of Glory live on AppStore!11 Oct 2011

The latest and most impressive airplane fighting game for your smartphone is now available on the Apple iOS App Store. Join the world wide fight and prove you are an ace! Incredible graphics! Updated support for iPhone4S with improved graphics and iOS features!

Market links can be found here.

Globulos Mania available on App Store 15 Sep 2011

Want countless hours of multiplayer fun? Choose your Globulos, plan your strategies and crush your opponent! Globulos are funny and colorful little creatures that love to squabble and compete against each other in games combining elements of sports, arcade and strategy genres.

The Flash and DS hit game is now availble on the Apple App Store as a universal app!

Grab the game from here.

  Breitling Reno Air Races on iOS and Android Markets!15 Sep 2011

A free premium game as you have never seen before is up for grabs on the iOS and Android markets. Plunge into the intense universe of the Reno Air Races: customize your racing plane and join the world wide online races.

Market links can be found here.

Toss The Ball live on all iOS markets! 04 Aug 2011

The carnival is back in town! Toss The Ball let's you race in the most entertaining game we have ever created. Pick a board and your ball and race the other players around the world by tossing the ball around and hitting score holes. Aim for power-ups to get a serious advantage and level-up to unlock all 12 balls and 5 boards.

Trailer and screenshots can be found here.

  Rise Of Glory on Windows Phone 7 13 Jan 2011

Aerial warfare is on for the Windows Phone 7! Rise Of Glory is taking it's aim at the Windows Phone Marketplace and brings a new standard for what awesome means! Developed in close cooperation with a Microsoft Team this release will turn your phone in the gaming machine it wants to be. It also brings all the Xbox LIVE goodies and joys your avatar desires.
Grab it from here.

Artillery Brigade coming to Apple App Store 25 Nov 2010

Our next-gen war shooter will start recruiting front heroes in couple of weeks. Prepare your rifles, cannons, miniguns and rocket launchers as Artillery Brigade is hitting iPods, iPhones and iPads. There's an invasion taking place and only you can stop the enemy!
Trailer and screenshots can be found here.

Android Nexus One vs. iPhone MS Soccer   iPhone Game Developer World Championship 18 Jun 2010

It's not only the Football World Championship in the spotlight right now because Revo Solutions is representing Romania in the iPhone Game Developer World Championship hosted by PocketGamer with three titles: Skies Of Glory, F.A.S.T. and Magnetic Sports Soccer. Don't forget to go vote your favorite games in the competition and support your favorite Romanian Developer! On top of that Magnetic Sports Soccer has been nominated in the Top 10 best football games on iPhone. Don't forget to check that out too!

Magnetic Sports Soccer Up On Android Market 23 Mar 2010

The Android version of Magnetic Sports Soccer has just hit the marketplace. Same ammount of fun as the iPhone plus nicer graphics on higher resolution devices! Don't forget the multiplayer compatibility with the iPhone, both WiFi and Online. Don't waste any more time, go score some goals!
Game play and screenshots can be found here.

Android Nexus One vs. iPhone MS Soccer   Magnetic Sports Soccer Coming to Android 1 Mar 2010

Magnetic Sports Soccer is almost ready for submission to the Android Market and the real fun is in the multiplayer. Why? Because of full compatibility with the iPhone version. You are an Android lover? Score some goal's in your iPhone fan friend via WiFi or Online multiplayer. We've set up a match between a Nexus One and an iPhone for you. Wondering who won? Go check it out on the game's page video here.

Magnetic Sports Hockey Release 12 Feb 2010

Just a bit before the Olympics we got in the App Store the next Magnetic Sports title. Same classic and fun approach with minor adjustments and a new feeling in the game. More dynamic and with a very unconventional hockey field to play on. Don't loose time and win the Magnetic Olympics! Both full and lite versions are now available on the app store.
Game play and screenshots can be found here.

Skies Of Glory
  Revo Solutions in TOP 50 2009 iPhone Developers 10 Jan 2010

2009 has been a busy year, with great successes and titles which will be in the iPhone's market mind for a long time. Hard work, a great team and even greater dedication made all our titles possible. Although just being mere debutants in the iPhone gaming industry in 2009, we brought a significant touch to it, a good one we hope. For all these reasons Revo Solutions has been nomitated in the Top 50 iPhone Developers published by PocketGamer.biz. For this we need to thank the public, without all of you playing our games such a recognition would not have been possible. Thank you! You can find more info on the official top's page here.

Skies Of Glory Reviews 10 Jan 2010

It's been almost a month since Skies of Glory it's out on your iPhones. Reviews are up on many sites, having all of the good and the bad inside the game, mostly the good! Pocket Gamer awarded Skies of Glory the GOLD award but the rest of what everyone has to say about the game is best that you read from the reviews: Pocket Gamer SOG Review, Touch Arcade Review, Slide To Play Review Game play and screenshots can be found here.

Skies Of Glory
  Magnetic Sports Soccer Reviews 16 Dec 2009

Magnetic Sports Soccer Edition has been out on your iPods and iPhones for a couple of days now and we have some feedback from the community. Here are some of the online reviews: Pocket Gamer, GameIndustry.biz, The Portable Gamer, GameZig, Finger Gaming, iPhoniacs, zapp iphone You can find more info on the game's page here.

Magnetic Sports Soccer
Skies Of Glory Release 16 Dec 2009

Remember the world-wide AppStore hit F.A.S.T.? We just released it's successor on the App Store in collaboration with SGN. The same ravishing air combat and tons and tons of new stuff. All action set during the Second World War with dogfighting at it's peak. Join an immersive 8 player online match or try to beat the campaign and win achievements. Yes, it's 8, not 2 not 4 or 6, it's 8 players in one match! Download it and join the fight. Want to know what's best? IT'S FREE! War awaits it's heroes! Be an ACE or be no more, this winter all fun takes place in the air! Game play and screenshots can be found here.

Tickle Santa
  Magnetic Sports Hockey Submission 15 Dec 2009

While Santa is laughing and people are playing Magnetic Soccer online we are still working. The Magnetic Sports series continues with a new title. We've taken the classic spring-board game and turned it into hockey, give or take some ice and penguins. New game mechanics with the usual game features (all flavoured multiplayer with internet online games) just reached the Apple submission queue. We will keep you up to date regarding this latest title. Meanwhile don't forget to check out the Soccer Magnetic Sports. More info about Magnetic Sports Hockey can be found here.

Tickle Santa Release 14 Dec 2009

Santa is up early this year and we give you the opportunity to do something you never done before. What? Tickle Santa Claus of course! Bring smiles and good laugh to both Santa and the people around you as this is both free and fun. Remember this game should only be played in crowded places. More Tickle Santa screenshots here.

Tickle Santa
  Magnetic Sports Soccer Release 14 Dec 2009

We are very pleased to announce that a magnetic football just got inside App-Store's goal post. Magnetic Sports Soccer Edition is available for purchase on all Apple stores. The magnificent game was realeased in collaboration with BulkyPix run the first two weeks at the promotional price of 0.79€/0.99$. After this period the price will be of 2.39€/2.99$.
You can find more info on the game's page here.

Magnetic Sports Soccer



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