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In the game you will battle wave after wave of assaults from enemy companies of soldiers, warships, tanks, and much more! With a full 360-degree range of motion, you will blast away using high-powered heavy weapons and machine guns, in an effort to defeat the attack. The amount of troops advancing and the pattern of attack changes and gets more difficult as you advance through the game.

  • Immersive real-time combat environment

  • WWII simulation with full retina display and auto rotate support.

  • Amazing graphics, visual effects music and true life sounds.

  • Game center and Open Feint leaderboards and achievements for competing with friends around the globe.

  • Easy controls ­ choose between touch, gyroscope and accelerometer and use the great helpers like target finder, zoom and radar movement.

  • 6 different environments.

  • Day and night missions.

  • 3 different classes of weapons ­ machine guns, AA guns, rocket launchers.

  • Unlock powerful weapons for each class.

  • Great replay value – unlock survival mode for each campaign mission accomplished.

Published by BulkyPix
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